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SYK Tekstil was founded at Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in 1996. SYK Tekstil which has initially entered the sector with manufacturing of dobby and jacquard looms woven fabrics has maintained its rapid improvement by establishing fabric dye and yarn dye plants. It has started its export activities by establishing the marketing company, YEKPA INC. in 1998.


65% of the fabrics manufactured within SYK Tekstil are being sold to foreign markets and 35% of them to outfitters aimed at exportation. Yekpa Tekstil operates in order to increase its market share by participating international expos. Our company which prepares two collections per year also includes special collections intended for brands.






65% of the fabrics manufactured within SYK Tekstil are being sold to foreign markets and 35% of them to outfitters aimed at exportation.




  • Maintaining the swift development by renewing the technology of current SYK Tekstil system and increasing its capacity.
  • Fulfilling the demands and expectations of customers completely and right on time.
  • Increasing the customer satisfaction through marketing and after-sale services.
  • Improving the quality of our products by following the sectoral innovations.


  • Increasing the competitive capacity of Turkey at international level.
  • Achieving the power that can determine the world standards of manufacturing.
  • Becoming the most prestigious textile foundation of Turkey and the world, providing modern textile service and becoming the leader foundation with this respect.


  • Established in : 1996.
Our company manufactures high quality fabrics at optimum level by state of the art dobby and jacquard looms existing in air-conditioned weaving halls. All innovations in weaving technologies are being closely followed and the technologies of machine and equipment are being renewed constantly and deliberately in this direction.

Our weaving department that mainly manufactures fabric for women top clothing has also long-established knowledge and experience of manufacturing elastane trousers and shirt fabric. It presents a wide product range to fashion world by manufacturing fibers containing yarns with cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester acrylic, lyocell, linen, silk, elastane thanks to its flexible production structuring.

Its Production-Development department follows all fashion trends with the internationally experienced designers and experts, and guides our company’s collections.

Fabric Dye

  • Established in : 2002.
Both swage block and flat dye fabric manufacturing are performed at fabric dyeing department through modern and specific machinery.

Our flat dye machinery has been selected in order to ensure optimum dyeing for fabrics we manufacture with various fiber mixtures. Manufacture is supported by management information system and chemical automation, and fabric manufacturing can be monitored and recorded at every stage. Chemicals and colorants used in manufacturing have been determined based on clean environment principle. SYK TEKSTİL who follows all innovations of the finishing practices adds value to fabrics manufactured with chemical finish procedures.

Yarn Dye

  • Established in : 2007.
SYK TEKSTIL SAN. and TRADE INC. was founded at Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in 1989. In 2007, it also included bobbin yarn dyeing department to its activities of manufacturing and dyeing woven fabrics which are devoted to women fancy outerwear.

The machinery of our bobbin yarn dyeing plant consists of:

  • THIES yarn dyeing kiers; 50kg. – 100kg. – 200kg. – 400kg. – 650kg.
  • THIES sample bobbin dyeing kier 5 kg./4 göz=20 kg. (it is able to perform 3-5 kg. and 4 different type of dyeing at a time),
  • DETTIN centrifugal pressing and STALAM RF drying,
  • SSM distributor machines for yarns of cotton, viscose, chopped fibre and mixtures,
  • SSM distributor machines for polyester yarns.

All polyester yarns, especially 20 denier monofilament polyester yarns, and yarns such as chopped fiber polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, nylon, lycra, polyviscose, polycotton are being dyed in our yarn dyeing plant in accordance with global quality and OEKO-TEX standards and customer orders.

Our bobbin dyeing capacity is cotton-polyester average of 150.000kg./month.

We also sell 20 dyed denier raw glace monofilament polyester.

Digital Printing

  • Established in : 2014.
SYK TEKSTIL who manufactures for world fashion brands presents a complete strategical business partnership to all its clients in the field of digital printing through its technological investments, its dynamic production organization and understanding of unconditional customer satistaction.

  • 4 million meter digital printing productive capacity per year
  • Approximately 800 new pattern for every season
  • Constantly new collections
  • Collaboration with world’s leading retailer chains and brands
  • Wide product range from silk, polyester, viscose, cotton and linen in weaving and knitting processes
  • Collaboration with Italian, English, French design studios

• Fabric physics laboratory accredited by Europe’s leading retailers


Yekpa Tekstil was founded at 1998 being the export/marketing department of SYK Tekstil, and now it is one of the preferred suppliers for well known fashion brands in the field of women fancy wear. Since it was founded, it internalized the mission of determining trend by aiming production with high quality standards and following the existing trends as well.
Rapidly changing trends would be followed by its experienced Production-Development team and its collaborated foreign designers. Two main and two transition collections would be performed twice a year and the collection would be improved according to customer demands.
Those prepared collections would be exhibited on pivotal expos of Europe and USA such as Premiere Vision Paris, Premiere Vision Newyork, Munich Fabric Start, Tıssu Premier Lille. Clients would be visited constantly by being conscious of how important the face-to-face communication is. Clients and their agencies in Spain, France, Germany, England, Netherlands and USA would be visited on a regular basis to meet their possible demands, inform them accurately and early and to follow the current procedures in operation. The largest part of the company’s sales would be made for exporter and importer outfitters.
Our principal clients are Zara, Mango, Next, H&M, Cos, Other Stories, Massimo Dutti, M&S, Arcadia Group, Ms Mode, Pımkıe, Promod, Orsay, Steılmann and Gerry Weber.


Testing Laboratory

SYK Tekstil and Trading Inc. aims to enhance its production quality by documenting before its clients and increase its client portfolio through the textile test laboratories within. Results coming from the accredited laboratory will show the quality of SYK Tekstil and Trade Inc. and its competence at national and international level. In order to keep being preferred, it is required to never compensate the quality of our products in the manufacturing sector where improvements and new technologies appear constantly, the competition pushes the limits. Our laboratories are accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) in accordance with ISO 17025:2010 Standards at September 7, 2012.

Manufacturing and finishing tests of all of our fabrics are being performed in our testing laboratory which is established according to international standards.

Dimensional stability, dimensional change after steam and washing, color fastness tests (fastness of washing, water, perspiration,, dry and wet rubbing) and physical tests (tensile strength, tearing strength; seam slippage , pilling and abrasion resistance), width and weight measurements are performed in the test laboratory of our company.

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